You send, we deliver everything you want: parcels, purchases, gifts, equipment, furniture, personal or office items, and much more ...

Service is configured for you!

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How are we different from others..

  • Ordering with us is much more convenient, since we offer different ways of processing: through the operator, social. network: Facebook and through the site.
  • You can contact the designated courier at any time before the goods are shipped or delivered.
  • Have your plans changed? You can negotiate with the courier so that he will meet you at the right time and place, without any additional payments.
  • Want to buy something? Then our courier will contact you and help you in the process of choosing the desired item.
  • Want to organize a surprise for your loved one? Our courier can make you a surprise party through a video call.
  • We may not disclose your identity when delivering your gift or item. You do not need to overpay for this service, it is already included in the standard rate.

Most importantly, you can place an order without registration and authorization.

Remember that the delivery of the order is carried out at the time and place you need on the same day, using any type of service.

Finally .. "My Courier" company has the most reliable and convenient service, which was created especially for you!

Every day we take care of improving existing services in order to increase our competitive advantage!